Garneau sheepskin slippers

For over 35 years, Garneau sheepskin slippers have charmed tender and weary feet with their outstanding comfort and quality. Working with sheepskin and fine leathers, artisan designer François Garneau creates sheepskin slippers, hats and mitts by hand – cozy, stylish products that are a gift in all seasons.

Slip on Comfort

Proudly offering slippers made in Canada

Here at the Garneau Workshop, we are all about quality and comfort; that’s why we make our hand-made sheepskin slippers right here in Canada according to artisan traditions. Over the years, we found that manufactured sheepskin slippers can't compete with hand-made. It's simple; by making the slippers by hand, Mr. Garneau can assure their softness, fit and superior quality. We want you to have the best pair of slippers around, which is why we carry on our handmade tradition.

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More than handmade sheepskin slippers

Garneau sheepskin slippers are renowned for their quality and comfort, but it's the fine craftsmanship that François Garneau puts in his handmade slippers that makes them so special. Made of the best materials available, our products are more than just comfy sheepskin boots or slippers; they are a continuation of tradition in artisan craftsmanship. We believe in keeping artisan traditions alive and with our canadian slippers , we like to believe we are doing so. Garneau sheepskin slippers were born in the Eastern Townships in Canada, and since then, we have continued to encourage the canadian economy by using local products and hiring local people. We at the Garneau Workshop are proud of crafting such distinctive sheepskin slippers that are proudly made in Canada. Along with our sheepskin slippers, we also create sheepskin insoles that are designed to improve our comfort during the cold canadian winter.

Sheepskin slippers… a heritage of comfort and benefits

Sheepskin slippers have been a favorite for centuries not just because of their softness, but also because they have numerous benefits. For centuries, sheepskin has been used for medical purposes. That is why sheepskin slippers are great for your health; they can help with circulation problems, skin problems and even diabetes. Sheepskin slippers are an ideal way of keeping your feet dry and cozy during the winter and even during summer. With so many benefits, Garneau sheepskin slippers make a great gift for every occasion.

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