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Garneau & Co. is over 40 years of dedication and detail in making handcrafted slippers based on timeless traditions. We only select the highest quality materials to create slippers that not only pamper the feet but stand the test of time. Each authentic Garneau slipper offers the maximum in style, comfort and durability.
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Each client is unique

We treat our customers with a personalized touch and respect the sales territories of each retailer.
We feature our retailers on our website, which attracts over 60 000 visitors each years.
We offer a wide variety of colours and styles that meet different needs and tastes.

It’s easy being a Garneau & Co. retailer

  • We know our slipper market well and can help you identify the right slippers to carry in your store.
  • We provide an array of product documentation so that you can better sell our products.
  • We provide our retailers with an online portal so that you can order your slippers 24/7.
  • Our ultra-fast production capacity allows us to ship out the products you order within 48 hours.

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