Sourcing only the finest material

Garneau & Co. design and handcraft high-quality sheepskin slippers and accessories. Its team of talented artisans, located in an atelier in an Eastern Townships of Quebec, preserves through their work traditional craftsmanship and a return to a natural aesthetic.

Since the company beginnings, Garneau & Co. has used only the finest sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia. Carefully selected from the most reputable suppliers, our sheepskins have an incomparable feel and density, which enable us to craft refined products that offer a natural balance between lightness, comfort and durability.

Because we source the finest materials, our leathers and suedes are recognizable for their distinctive softness, suppleness and silky character.

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“I have fun telling people that I was born with slippers on!” Noémi Garneau

Our Story

Pantoufles Garneau is, above all, a love for artisanal craftsmanship and a passion that was passed down from father to daughter. As today’s president aptly puts it: “I have fun telling people that I was born with slippers on!” Having grown up in craft shows and being involved in them at a very young age, Noémi always gave her father, François, her opinion regarding the materials, colours and models he made. Growing up and building enriching relationships with all types of artisans, she discovered a wide array of talent, beautiful products, and inspiring people that dared to make a living with their art—and their passion.

Proud of her father’s career and talent, Noémi believes that you can always make a living by following your dreams, even if you start out with nothing. She also adheres to the company’s values and philosophy, and maintains its business model: Garneau & Cie continues to create, make and distribute its products in Québec, despite pressure from third parties that claim that opting for Asian manufacturers would be beneficial to the company.

On the one hand, she is deeply interested in art. On the other, she is a numbers woman. Noémi Garneau swayed her career towards management. After several years working for major companies, she decided to take over the family business. According to her, “it’s possible to love art and have a strong business acumen.” Garneau & Cie gives her the opportunity to put into practice her strong management skills to serve her craft.

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“it’s possible to love art AND have a strong business acumen.” Noémi Garneau

By following in her father’s footsteps and managing the family business, despite other opportunities that have come her way, Noémi always believed in Garneau & Cie’s strong potential. A huge challenge awaited her! As soon as she took the reins, she wanted to ensure that the company remained agile, competitive, and continuously innovative. Her goal was that everyone in the business surpass themselves in their work. She implemented new technologies, including a computerized cutting table that enabled craftspeople to efficiently create new models and a value-added production system, which would allow the company to take up new challenges.

Soon, Garneau & Cie will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Under Noémi Garneau’s leadership, the company will continue to innovate—all while preserving her father’s artisanal know-how.