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Garneau Shearling slippers and sheepskin shoes

Our Garneau boutique carries a wide range of colorful and comfortable shearling slippers for children, men and women. Shearling slippers are good at keeping feet warm and cozy during long winters and cool during the summer.

For the more traditional foot, we have our standard Lazybone slippers. Very versatile, these time-honored low-cut sheepskin slippers come in men and women’s size as well as in leather and suede finish. Soft and comfortable, our Lazybone shearling slippers make great gifts for any occasion.

The benefits of shearling slippers and sheepskin shoes

For extra chilly feet, Mr. Garneau has made a pair of sheepskin shoes called Shin Huggers. The collar on these slippers is extra high to keep the cold out and the warmth in. These sheepskin shoes also come with removable insoles that are washable. Our Shin hugger shearling slippers come in ten solid colors with a fine suede or leather finish.

For the extra lazy foot, we have our all purpose no-fuss slip-on Mules that are essential for home or when traveling. These simple sheepskin shoes come in a variety of colors and are made to withstand wear and tear. Made of sheepskin, felt and ultra-durable suede, these comfy slippers are ideal for lazy Sunday mornings!

For extra cosy feet, we have a comfier version of our all-purpose mules. Offered in men and women’s size, these Mule Head shearling slippers have extra-padded insoles and a soft sheepskin collar. These sheepskin shoes were made by Mr. Garneau with comfort in mind!

Sheepskin shoes for all

For extra small feet, we have our famous Playmates shearling slippers. These children’s shearling slippers come in a variety of colors and are really resistant. So much so that they seem to last forever and are great as family hand-me-downs. These sheepskin shoes are available in a suede finish only.

For extra cold hands and head, we also make sheepskin mitts and hats. These are ideal for every season and come in three colors. They also make great gifts: a good pair of sheepskin mitts is always handy for the cold season.

And finally for those extra-demanding feet, we also make sheepskin insoles for your boots, shoes, moccasins or slippers. Add extra comfort and warmth to any pair of shoes with our washable sheepskin insoles. One size fits all: you just have to cut them to fit your feet. Offered in two colors.